Hilary has taught my 2 boys swimming for the last 4 years and in that time they have progressed amazingly. She is authoritative in a way that children respond to, whilst also being very fair. Her great strength is in knowing which strategies to employ to achieve the best results from each of her students. Toby, my 4 year old has been developed from a nervous, shy swimmer, to a very confident and competent one. Oliver, my 7 year old had a tendency to play around, found it tricky to concentrate and aimed to be the fastest rather than performing correct swimming technique. With him, Hilary took a firmer approach, making him slow down and take his time.
Hilary is a true professional and endeavours to get to know each and every one of her students (and their parents) individually. Her communication with parents is excellent and I have always felt fully informed with regards to how the boys are progressing. I feel she goes out of her way to develop each student individually, encouraging them to achieve their maximal potential and moving them up through each stage as and when they are ready. In addition to all this, she manages to ensure that the children are aware of safety issues related to swimming and being in and around water. Above all she ensures that each and every swimming lesson is great fun! A massive thank you Hilary from Oliver, Toby and I for being a truly fabulous swimming teacher!

We have been with Hilary for over 3 years and from a screaming toddler everytime she went in the water, my daughter who is now 5 swims like as mermaid. She has the patience of a saint and always gets results.
The kids are confident in the water and its fun whilst learning."

All four of our children have been taught by The Sussex Swim School. The teaching is superb with small classes, proficient and caring teachers, and a lovely warm pool. The children are very confident in the water and becoming very capable little swimmers. 

I have 2 boys Jake 11 & Ross almost 8, Hilary has taught them since they were 2 and 1. Jake is now swimming at Competition level and Ross isn't far behind him. They are both so much better than me now at swimming.
I love the fact that Hilary always gets into the pool with her children and if they need help or are struggling with any strokes she will show them what they should be doing which can't be done from the side of the pool.
Hilary's lessons are also fun and she makes the children feel special or at least mine do, Ross has known Hilary from birth and he wouldn't want to swim with anyone else!! I would recommend Hilary and The Sussex Swim School every time :-)

“Hilary’s swimming lessons are simply the best!  My daughter has been having lessons with Hilary since she was 2 years old – she is now 7 and through Hilary’s passion for swimming and having such well structured lessons, my daughter is now a very competent and able swimmer.  What’s more important is my daughter enjoys swimming and looks forward to her lessons every week. On holiday, people are often amazed at my daughter’s confidence in the pool. By having small classes and with Hilary in the pool with the children, she is able to provide individual tuition and help the children progress quickly. I really can’t recommend Hilary enough – In my opinion the best swimming instructor in the area”.

My two daughters have been enjoying swimming with little swim school for nearly 6 years now.  They both have a love of swimming that has been born from lessons that are fun, enjoyable and very well taught.  The size of the group is ideal and allows for each and every child to be taught at their pace and according to their need.  
I am impressed at the standard they have both reached and am delighted that they have the water safety knowledge and confidence to be independent swimmers at ages 3 and 6.

I can wholeheartedly recommend The Sussex Swim School all 3 of my children are currently learning to swim and have been since babies and they are now all confident and able swimmers my youngest are 2 years and 4 months and I am always being complemented by other people at how confident my children are in the water for their age and I always say the same thing Its all down to The Sussex Swim School.

A great swim school. Both my husband and I are thoroughly impressed with the standard of teaching. The pool is lovely and warm and classes are small enough for your child to get the attention they require. In the half term we have been attending with our 2 children, we have noticed a massive difference in their swimming ability and confidence in the water. I would definitely recommend this swim school to any parent looking for lessons for their child.

We have been swimming at The Sussex Swim School for over two years now. My son absolutely loves it and it has been amazing to see how much progress he has made and how confident he is in the water. The lessons are very well structured but all importantly, they are fun. The pool itself is lovely and warm and the facilities are great - much better than the other pools I have used in the past. I would definitely recommend The Sussex Swim School to anyone.

I've been amazed with my daughter's progress swimming with Hilary. It's taken a long time to find a pool warm enough and instructor who understands a child with special needs. After only four sessions my daughter is swimming with a float, diving down to pick toys off the bottom of the pool and jumping in from the edge. Amazing! Hilary has been enthusiastic, clear, patient and so encouraging. Well worth the money and so lovely for me to sit at the edge watching my daughter make such progress, safely and with fun. Thank you!

Well, words cannot describe how pleased I am with my son's progress in such a short space of time. When he started with Hilary 3 months ago, he was scared to even dip his toe in the water. After a few one 2 one lessons and half a term of classes, he is now performing standing dives into the deep end, swimming over 5 metres unaided and will happily go under water to collect objects from the bottom of the pool. In Hilary's words, he has gone from "shivers and shakes and tears and gasping" to a confident little swimmer - a task that all other instructors I have taken him to have not accomplished in 3 years. Hilary did it in 3 months!!
Thank you once again!

I can't begin to tell u all how fantastic this swimming class is.
I am gutted I didn't start my children earlier and wasted so much money at our local swimming pool in Horsham!! We have been at The Sussex Swim School for 4 weeks and both my children have learnt more in these few weeks than they did whilst at the pavilions.
Teachers are A* service is A*
Small classes, teachers are in the pool teaching rather then yelling at the side of the pool and not stress fighting for a changing room. Swimming lessons have now become fun and not a chore! But the best thing... My 3 yr old and 6 yr old now love the water and are learning to swim. If you're not at The Sussex Swim School... Why not? It's amazing!

My son has been swimming with Hilary since he was a baby and is now aged eight and a proficient swimmer. He is confident in the water and also loves the water which I am sure is because although Hilary is strict she is also great fun too!

My 5 year old son has been swimming with The Sussex Swim School since he was 9 months old. His confidence and enthusiasm for swimming continues to astonish me and I am certain this is due to the high quality and friendly teaching he receives.
I am especially keen on the early introduction to water safety - twice my son has fallen into water and used techniques taught at The Sussex Swim School to get to safety.
The small number of children in a class and 1:1 attention results in brilliant progress and confidence boosts.
I always recommend this swimming school to friends and will continue to do so.

Oscar and Emmy have been taught by Hilary at the Sussex Swim School for nearly six years and they have loved every lesson with her. She has taught them life saving skills in a caring professional manner that has been as much about fun as it has about learning. They are both confident swimmers that love the water and look forward to their classes each week, thanks to Hilary's teaching.